My Name and Status

Raphael Shu / 朱 中元
The University of Tokyo
Nakayama Lab
PhD Candidate

Research Interests

  • Natural Language Processing
    • Natural Language Understanding
    • Machine Translation
  • Deep Learning
    • Learning Discrete Latent Structures
    • Generative Models

Cool Stuffs

My Papers

  • Raphael Shu, Hideki Nakayama and Kyunghyun Cho, “Generating Diverse Translations with Sentence Codes”, ACL 2019
    • [PDF] to be added
  • Jiali Yao, Raphael Shu, Xinjian Li, Katsutoshi Ohtsuki, Hideki Nakayama. “Enabling Real-time Neural IME with Incremental Vocabulary Selection”, NAACL 2019
    • [PDF] to be added
  • 朱中元, 中山英樹, 「Generating Syntactically Diverse Translations with Syntactic Codes」, 言語処理学会 2019
  • Raphael Shu, Hideki Nakayama, “Improving Beam Search by Removing Monotonic Constraint for Neural Machine Translation”, ACL 2018
  • 朱中元, 中山英樹, 「深層コード学習による単語分散表現の圧縮」, 言語処理学会 2018
    • Best Paper / 最優秀賞
    • PDF
    • code
  • Raphael Shu, Hideki Nakayama, “Compressing Word Embeddings via Deep Compositional Code Learning”, ICLR 2018
  • Raphael Shu, Hideki Nakayama, “An Empirical Study of Adequate Vision Span for Attention-Based Neural Machine Translation”, ACL Workshop on Neural Machine Translation, 2017
  • 朱中元, 中山英樹, 「文脈を考慮したアテンションメカニズムの計算量の削減」, 人工知能大会 2017
    • Student Paper Award / 学生奨励賞
    • PDF
  • Evaluating Neural Machine Translation in English-Japanese Task
  • Weblio Pre-reordering Statistical Machine Translation System
    • Second place in English-Japanese translation task of WAT (Workshop on Asian Translation) 2014
  • A preordering method using head-restructured CFG parse tree for SMT
  • TSUKU Statistical Machine Translation System for the NTCIR-10 PatentMT Task
  • Thesis of master’s degree

My Codes

My Experiences

year place what done
2016 - 2019 The University of Tokyo, PhD Program Neural Machine Translation / Multimodal Deep Learning / Discrete Structural Learning
2014 - 2016 Research & Development at Weblio, Inc. Machine Translation / Conversation Models / Data Scientist
2012 - 2014 University of Tsukuba, Master Program Machine Translation

How to find me

raphael [at] uaca [dot] com