About Us


Our current research interests include but are not limited to: 

Computer Vision: image recognition and retrieval, medical image analysis, video recognition, image generation and conversion

Natural Language Processing: machine translation, discourse analysis, dialog, text generation

Multimodal: language and vision, multi-task learning, knowledge transfer

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods

For students who want to join our lab

Note that we are NOT accepting research students currently. (Resarch Student is a position mainly for a student who tries to enroll in our graduate courses through the coming exams. It is different from a typical short-term position such as visiting or exchange students, for which we might accept some students if the situation permits.)

Favorable skill

Programming, math, strong motivation

Lab tour

We recommend candidate students to contact professors of their preferred labs in advance of the entrance exam to discuss research topics (not mandatory). We would like to discuss in some depth, so before the individual interviews, please be prepared to talk about one paper that our laboratory has published to date that is of interest to you.

For prospective Ph.D students

We expect Ph.D course applicants to have enough skills and experiences to do research independently. Therefore, we require the applicants to have at least one paper accepted at middle-level (or higher-level) conferences or journals in our field, as the minimum requirement. For example, the conferences listed here. Otherwise, we recommend to join the Master's course first.

Information about entrance exam

Please visit here.